Pokémon Conquest

Published by Nintendo / For Nintendo DS family / Rated E

September 14, 2012


In Pokémon Conquest, the latest Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS family, it’s all about the battlefield. The game is set in Ransei, a region of 17 kingdoms. As the kingdom Aurora’s newest warlord, your ultimate goal is to conquer all 17 kingdoms—with the help of your Pokémon, of course. First, you’ll select the Kingdom to invade, then the Warriors you want to send in to battle. With each battle win, you’ll gain access to new Pokémon, along with additional Warriors and Warlords. Soon, you’ll be able to choose up to six Warriors to send into battle. But choose your team and your moves wisely: strategy is the key to victory. Plus, watch out for falling rocks and other hazards of each environment.

Pokémon fans will love encountering the nearly 200 Pokémon included in the game. You can even play against a friend who also has a Nintendo DS system and the Pokémon Conquest game.

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