2013 Holiday Video Game Guide


Game tested on PlayStation 3 (Rated E10+)

December 06, 2013


Puppeteer is a brand new franchise developed exclusively for PlayStation. Set in a puppeteer’s theater, the game follows a young boy named Kutaro as he uncovers its strange mysteries. Kutaro has been turned into a puppet by an evil character named the Moon Bear King.

What will kids like about this game?

The world of Puppeteer is enchanting and mysterious. Each character and environment is complex, with rich colors and graphics in each level. Kids with a love of magic and theater will be consumed by this game.

What tips would you give other players?

You, the player, control Kutaro’s strings and a giant pair of magical scissors to deafeat the Moon Bear King and his army. As you progress through levels, the game evolves and changes to reveal more secrets about the theater. Be careful, you may get lost.

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