2014 Summer Book Reviews

Quinny and Hopper

By Adriana Brad Schanen

June 27, 2014

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Number of pages: 240

What’s the basic story line?

Summer is supposed to be fun. But not for Quinny Bumble. For her, it means moving to Whisper Valley with her two obnoxious little sisters. The new town is boring, until she meets the neighbor boy, Hopper. He is quiet and brainy. They are an unlikely pair, but soon become inseparable. Together, they chase a killer chicken and spray teenage boys with a garden hose. Quinny thinks their friendship will never end. But then school begins. There are new third grade rules that say boys and girls can’t play together. What will happen to Hopper and Quinny’s friendship?

Kid Reporter
Patty McClain

Are the characters believable?

The characters are believable. It’s easy to relate to the problems that Quinny and Hopper face. We can all imagine how lonely it would be to move to a new town. And we can all understand how worried Quinny would is about her new friend Hopper.

Who would like this book?  

Those who enjoy an uplifting book with a happy ending would enjoy Quinny and Hopper.  Kids in the third and fourth grades could relate to the book’s conflicts over school rules and making friends. 

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