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TFK chats with up-and-coming teen band New Hollow

October 13, 2011

Mick Clouse, Chad Blashford and Evan West make up the Ohio-based teen rock trio New Hollow.

Meet Mick Clouse, 16, Chad Blashford, 15, and Evan West, 17, of the Ohio-based band New Hollow. The boys are relatively new to the music scene, but you wouldn't know it. Their first three singles, “Sick,” “Boyfriend” and “Airplanes” (a cover of the B.o.B./Hayley Williams song), all climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Physical CD Singles Sales Chart. That’s quite an accomplishment for an unsigned band with no radio play.

The teen rockers visited the TIME For Kids offices in New York City this summer to chat about their musical beginnings, the inspiration behind their chart-topping songs and their steady rise to fame. For fans who are itching for a full-length New Hollow album: The wait will soon be over. They’re recording one right now. This fall, New Hollowers will also get a chance to see the band live on tour. Until then, get to know Mick, Evan and Chad through the video below.

Click here to watch a special acoustic performance by the band of their hit single "Sick." To watch a performance of their song "Waste of Time," click here.


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