Ski Jumping

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January 10, 2014


Ski Jumping was the original extreme sport of the Winter Olympic Games. The first ski jumping competition was held in Norway in 1872. Men's ski jumping has been a part of the Winter Olympic Games since 1924. The large hill competition was added 40 years later.

The 2014 Sochi Games will kick off the first-ever women's Olympic competition in ski jumping. There will be four events in ski jumping: the women’s and men’s individual normal hill competitions, men’s individual large hill, and the men’s team event.

The Rules of the Game

Athletes ski down ramps to compete in the sport's events. Skiers launch down the long ramp at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour until they are hurled into the air. Skiers can reach distances up to 115 yards on the normal hill and 153 yards on the large hill. Once airborne, athletes must hold their skis in a V-shape before landing. Five judges rate each jump on style (distance, form, and landing). Skiers are also given points for the distance they travel from the edge of the take-off ramp to their landing spot on the slope.

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