2013 Holiday Video Game Guide

Sonic Lost World

Game tested on Nintendo 2DS; also available for 3DS and Wii U (Rated E10+)

December 06, 2013


Race through different levels of Sonic’s World to save the land from the deadly six by using new moves and color powers. Guide Sonic through secret tunnels and help him battle using moves like somersaults or running on walls. Players can enjoy different challenges with up to four friends, or just practice training Sonic to learn different moves.

What will kids like about this game?

Kid Reporter
Camryn Garrett

You can win rings by defeating levels and save up for different prizes like a helicopter that can pull you through difficult aspects of a level. Plus, practice new moves, play with friends, or continue your quest to aid Sonic in saving the world.

What tips would you give other players?

Stock up on rings before battling different enemies. Once you run out of them, you have to start the level all over again!

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