2014 Summer Book Reviews

The Summer Experiment

By Cathie Pelletier

June 27, 2014

Genre: Science Fiction

Number of Pages: 288

What’s the basic story line?

Roberta and Marilee want to win the science fair. In order to win, they need to beat Roberta’s archnemesis Henry Horton Harris Helmsby, who also happens to be the town’s resident genius. One day, strange lights appear in their hometown of Allagash. These lights have appeared in the town before, right before the town’s claim to fame, the so-called “Allagash Abductions,” happened. Supposedly, a UFO landed in Allagash and abducted residents. This gives Roberta an amazing idea that will put the science fair in the bag. All she and Marilee have to do is prove aliens exist!

Kid Reporter
Rachel Landis

Are the characters believable?

Yes. Roberta and Marilee are smart girls with troublesome brothers and a really smart archnemesis. Sure, they do a lot of snooping into the extraterrestrial, but so do many other people.

Who would like this book?

Anybody who loves science fiction and is fond of a few devious pranks would love this book. 

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