An Unstoppable Talent

TFK talks to NFL player Tim Green about his new book

September 26, 2012

TFK Kid Reporter Zachary Lewis with Jeffrey Keith, left, and Unstoppable author Tim Green.

Former NFL player and children’s author Tim Green has added another book to his list of accomplishments: Unstoppable. The book tells the story of a 12-year-old boy named Harrison, who survives life in a cruel foster home before he finally finds a loving family. Once he settles in and realizes his natural football ability, tragedy strikes again and he loses his leg to a devastating bone cancer.  Unstoppable follows Harrison’s incredible journey as he faces many challenges in his life.

Talking to Tim Green

Tim Green says he decided to write a novel about a kid facing cancer after watching first-hand how his wife fought to survive her own illness. “Her mental and physical toughness were more heroic to me than anything I’d ever seen in the national sports leagues,” Green told TFK Kid Reporter Zachary J. Lewis.

After watching his wife’s battle, Green said, he knew he needed to write about a person who struggled through a serious illness. But because the target age for his books is preteens, he needed to tell the story through the eyes of someone that age.

An Inspiring Story

When friends introduced Green to Jeffrey Keith, Green knew he had found the right person to help him “capture the heroism that it takes to fight cancer.” Cancer-survivor Jeffrey Keith lost his leg to disease at age twelve, but went on to be the goalie for the Boston College Division 1 lacrosse team and was also the first amputee to run 3,300 miles across the country. When Green heard Jeffrey Keith’s story, he knew it was the perfect narrative on which to base his next book.

TFK asked Keith what it felt like to read Unstoppable for the first time. “Tim captured what it felt like for me to go through this experience and battle back,” Keith said.  “After I read the book, Tim asked me to describe it in one word, and I said ‘awesome.’ Tim’s book sends a message to all the kids across the country that are facing obstacles that can have nothing to do with cancer: You are all unstoppable, as long as you believe it.”

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