We have a Winner!

Greyson McCluskey, 16, takes the top prize in the STEM competition Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… 

April 27, 2012

Greyson McCluskey, 16, from Indian Trail, North Carolina, has reason to celebrate today. Not only is today his birthday, but he has just been chosen as the national winner of the math and science competition Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… The competition challenged kids ages 10 to 15 to think of new invention ideas that would make the world better. Competitors were asked how their idea used science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

McCluskey is an honor student and hopes to be an architect one day. His idea is called the Baby Safe Rider. It is a tool that hooks onto a car seat to read an infant’s temperature. The invention would help keep an infant from overheating in the backseat of a car.

As the national winner, Greyson now receives the ultimate prize. Over the next four months, he will work with the invention company Fahrenheit 212 to bring his idea to life.

”I still can’t believe I won,” McCluskey said. “I truly hope my story and those of the other finalists inspire kids just like us to have the confidence to share their own cool ideas with the world.”

The Finalists

Greyson was selected along with three finalists to present their ideas at the Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… finals in St. Louis, Missouri. Nearly 1,400 people were in the audience. The finalists got to pitch their ideas to hip-hop artist and other judges.

Kayla Benson, 12, thought of an electric music stand called the i-Stand. It is a digital screen that displays sheet music and can also tune and record music.

Hannah Yusoff, 15, and Hon Kwok, 15, thought of a portable bone analyzer kit. It would run a blood test to determine if a bone was broken.

Emmie Lopez, Jamie Brenz, and Eileen Figueroa, 12, thought of the “A to Zinc” Coffee filter that adds vitamins and nutrients to a cup of coffee.

Contest judge said all 1,100 kids who entered the competition came up with great ideas. “[They] proved that kids really do have ideas that can change the world that are based upon math and science skills,” he said.

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