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Wii Play Motion

It's time to play! Wii Play Motion is a follow-up to the hit 2007 game (Rated E10+)

June 01, 2011


Platform: Nintendo Wii

It's time to play! Wii Play Motion ($49.99) is a follow-up to the hit 2007 game. It uses the advanced features of Wii's newer and more accurate motion-sensing controller, Wii Remote Plus, to present 12 new mini-games that will have you waving the controller around for hours. Challenges include balancing an ice cream cone with a growing number of scoops, whacking away pests that attack your vegetable garden and posing your Mii character to fit through silhouette-shaped openings.

In challenges such as Teeter Targets—where you control tilting wooden blocks to aim a bouncing ball at a target—you can feel and hear the ball bounce off the blocks from the remote. In Grappling Ghosts, ghosts float above and behind you, so you must listen to the controller's sounds to aim at and catch the escaped ghouls. Each mini-game includes new modes and levels that you can unlock as you complete challenges and earn medals. The games can be played solo or with 2-4 players. Each player must have a Wii Remote Plus or a Wii Remote with the MotionPlus add-on.


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