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TIME For Kids gets the scoop on the new Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in Los Angeles, California

July 21, 2014

David Beckham and his sons get slimed after Beckham accepts the Legend Award

Nickelodeon celebrated the world’s best athletes with its signature slime at the new Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. The show took place at University of California’s Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles. Kids Choice is the only awards show where kids vote for their favorite athletes. The award is a statue of Nickelodeon’s classic orange blimp, decked out in a flashy Mohawk.

TFK Kid Reporter Amelia Compton poses with surfer Bethany Hamilton at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards.
TFK Kid Reporter Amelia Compton poses with surfer Bethany Hamilton at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards.

Michael Strahan, a retired professional football player and star of the talk show Live! with Kelly and Michael, hosted Kids’ Choice. He had the tough task of letting fellow athletes know they might get slimed at any time during the show. Strahan even got sprayed with the traditional green goo twice, but it was all just part of the fun.

“I love Nickelodeon,” said San Diego Chargers’ football player Brandon Flowers as he walked the “orange” carpet. “I’m sitting back and having fun like a big kid tonight!”                    

And the Winner Is…

Tyson Chandler is a basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. His prediction for Best Male Athlete was Kevin Durant, who plays basketball for the Oklahoma City Thunder. “He’s had an amazing year, so I’m pretty sure he’ll continue his run,” Chandler told TFK.

The prediction was spot on. Durant won the award hands down.

Best Female Athlete went to Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. She also picked up the Queen of Swag award for her fashion sense outside the gym.                     

Kid Reporter
Amelia Compton

The most inspiring award of the night went to Bethany Hamilton who took home the blimp for Favorite Comeback Athlete. Hamilton, a professional surfer, lost her arm in a shark attack.  After months of recovery, she managed to get back up on her board and surf once more.

Autumn Wendel, who plays Sophie Johnson on Nickelodeon’s comedy Every Witch Way, wanted Hamilton to win. “[Hamilton is] proof that there are really no limits in life,” says Wendel. “She’s worked so hard and prevented her disadvantage from being a disability.”       

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas accepts her award for Best Female Athlete.
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas accepts her award for Best Female Athlete.

A Successful Show

By half time, the party atmosphere was in full swing. Ricardo Jacobo Jr., 15, made the shot of a lifetime amid thousands of cheering onlookers. Ricardo qualified in a preliminary competition to win $50,000 if he could sink a half-court shot live during the show. He was given five chances. On the fourth try, to the crowds’ amazement, he tossed the ball neatly into the net!

To end the night, soccer star David Beckham came out on stage to receive the Legend Award for his athletic contributions. His two sons handed him a gold blimp and then turned to the audience. They were immediately coated with tons of gold slime to match the award.

The Kids’ Choice Sports awards may be in its rookie year, but all who participated hit the show out of the park!

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