Women's History Month

Women's History Month Printables

For Teachers: Download these free printable activities to teach your students about women's history

March 05, 2014

Grades 5-6:

A Part of Women's History

Students analyze a political cartoon to learn about the struggle for women’s suffrage.

Download this Printable (PDF)



Women in the Sciences

Students answer questions based on four brief biographies of women who have led the way in science.

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Grades 3-4:

Interview a Woman in Your Life

To celebrate Women's History Month, have students interview a woman whom they admire.

Download this Printable (PDF)



 Women's History Month

 Students read and answer questions about four notable women.

 Download this Printable (PDF)




Grade 2:

She's a Hero

Students use a graphic organizer to help them write a biography of a famous woman.

Download this Printable (PDF)





Women in the Arts

Students answer questions based on short biographies of three women in the arts.

Download this Printable (PDF)




Grades K-1:

Be My Pen Pal

Students write a letter to a woman they respect and look up to.

Download this Printable (PDF)




A Woman Doctor

Students read about a famous woman and answer questions.

Download this Printable (PDF)




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