World Cup 2014

World Cup By The Numbers

Before you watch the many matches, check out these facts and figures about the World Cup

June 05, 2014

The members of Brazil's team celebrate their 2-0 victory over Germany in the 2002 FIFA World Cup finals in Japan.

2: Number of times Brazil has hosted the World Cup since 1950

5: Number of times Brazil has won the World Cup (more than any other country!)

These 12 cities will host games for this year's World Cup tournament.

These 12 cities will host games for this year's World Cup tournament.

12: Number of host cities in Brazil for this year’s World Cup

14: Ranking of the United States in the tournament

20: FIFA World Cups thus far

32: Number of teams in this year’s World Cup

64: Number of matches scheduled to be played across Brazil

$90-$1,250: Cost of a ticket, depending on match and venue

3 million: Number of spectators expected to watch the action in person (millions more will view it on TV)

$35 million: Total prize money offered to the winning team

$14 billion: Cost to the Brazilian government to prepare their country for the World Cup (the most expensive FIFA world Cup in history)

3.2 billion: Number of people worldwide who watched the 2010 World Cup (46.4% of the world!)

Source: FIFA, AP

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