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TFK gets the scoop on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, now playing

March 25, 2011

In February 2008, the second installment of author Jeff Kinney's best-selling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Rodrick Rules, arrived on book shelves. At the time, Kinney says, "I thought that they were just books." But he underestimated his larger-than-life creation. The first Wimpy Kid movie was a hit at the box office. Now with the sequel heading into theaters today, Rodrick isn't the only one who rules.

TFK Kid Reporter Sahil Abbi chats with author Jeff Kinney at the Rodrick Rules press day in New York City.
TFK Kid Reporter Sahil Abbi chats with author Jeff Kinney at the Rodrick Rules press day in New York City.

What's Up in Wimpy Kid 2

The movie opens as middle school outcast Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) is just about to begin the seventh grade. Having endured many horrors over the summer, including having to wear a hand-me-down Speedo in swim class, Greg is determined to make this his best year yet. But there's one thing in his life that could stand in the way: Greg's older brother and tormentor, Rodrick. Things at home get worse when Greg's mother tries to get him and Rodrick to bond. But luckily, there's something that makes school a little better at least. Her name is Holly Hills.

Devon Bostick plays Greg's big bro. While he's not a bully like Rodrick, Bostick says there are some similarities between him and his character. "The voice is the same and the posture is the same," Bostick told TFK. "My hair is sometimes the same, very messy. And we both love sleeping." Bostick also loved having a larger role in Rodrick Rules. "You only get to see a bit of Rodrick in the first [movie]," Bostick says. "In the second one, I really got to put this character into full force."

Kid Reporter
Sahil Abbi

Rodrick definitely goes full force on Greg. From embarrassing Greg in front of Holly to locking him in the basement, Rodrick will stop at nothing to make his little brother's life miserable. But after Greg covers for Rodrick with their parents after a huge house party (that they weren't supposed to have), it looks like the siblings might start to be friends after all. The question is: will it last?

A Win for Wimps

Speaking of friends, Rowley is back for more Wimpy Kid action too. Rowley, played by Robert Capron, is Greg's loyal and trusting best friend. Sometimes, he's too trusting. How much is Capron like Rowley? "I'm gullible," he admits. "I'm very, very gullible. I believe absolutely everything! But I don't follow other people [like Rowley]. I'm my own person."

Fans of the first Wimpy Kid film and the book series will love Rodrick Rules. It really is a must-see for everybody, wimp or not. The movie is punctuated with hilarious scenes and comical characters. By the end, the audience will be left clutching their sides from laughter.

Kinney promises that kids will get to see more of Greg, Rodrick and Rowley. "You can expect at least one more Wimpy Kid movie, and I'm going to write at least two more books," Kinney told TFK. "Then we'll see what the future holds."

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