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NASCAR's Champions Week

TFK Kid Reporter Tristan Graney reports from the NASCAR Awards Show

December 08, 2010

Jimmie Johnson is a five-time NASCAR champion. But fellow driver Clint Bowyer has a difficult question to answer each morning: regular, or Honey Nut? "Of course I eat Cheerios," said Bowyer, whose racecar team is sponsored by the General Mills cereal. "Every morning. I like Honey Nut, but I also like regular."

TFK Kid Reporter Tristan Graney talks to NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson.
TFK Kid Reporter Tristan Graney talks to NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson.

Johnson, Bowyer and the rest of the Top 10 Sprint Cup Series drivers attended the NASCAR Awards Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 3. Johnson was honored for winning his fifth straight Sprint Cup Series championship. He spoke to TFK Kid Reporter Tristan Graney at the awards event.

"I think, selfishly, (that one driver) shouldn't be winning every year," said Kevin Harvick, who finished third in the Cup standings. "But when you look at what that team has accomplished, you have to respect what they have done. . . Michael Jordan had a similar dynasty playing for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA and everyone knows his name. That is very comparable to what the (Johnson) team has done."

Kid Reporter
Tristan Graney

Good Times in Vegas

Kyle Busch won more races on the NASCAR series than any driver this year. But the event he looks forward to most when returning to Nevada is ordering a Double-Double hamburger from In-N-Out Burger. Busch was born and raised in Las Vegas. "What I am really trying to get is a piece of the franchise by ordering everything double and sending it out to my home in North Carolina," Busch said. "Then I could call it Out-N-In. I don't know how I do it. It is very difficult to go long without an In-N-Out burger."

Carl Edwards, the driver known for his famous back flip off his racecar after winning a race, described how he came up with the famous move. "I learned how to flip on a trampoline as a kid," said Edwards, who finished fourth in the Cup standings. "I watched Ozzie Smith do it on the field with the St. Louis Cardinals and thought it was cool. I started doing it at my local dirt tracks. When I started in NASCAR, I thought, 'Why not?'"

Click here to watch TFK Kid Reporter Tristan Graney's interview with Jimmie Johnson.

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