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TFK visits the World Equestrian Games

October 04, 2010

Horse-lovers, take note: the fine art of riding is on display right now at the World Equestrian Games (WEG). The first games were held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990. The games are held in a different location every four years. This year, for the first time ever, they're happening in the United States, at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Events run from September 25 through October 10. TFK Kid Reporter Frannie Salisbury reports on the action.

A Fierce Competition

TFK Kid Reporter Frannie Salisbury talks to rider Laura Bechtolsheimer at the World Equestrian Games.
TFK Kid Reporter Frannie Salisbury talks to rider Laura Bechtolsheimer at the World Equestrian Games.

More than 130 countries are competing in the games this year. Events consist of eight disciplines: Jumping, Driving, Dressage, Para Dressage, Endurance, Eventing, Reining and Vaulting. This is the first year that Para Dressage has been part of the games, giving physically disabled riders a chance to compete.

Kid Reporter
Frances Salisbury

Dressage means training in French. In team dressage, three riders represent a country and individual scores are added together. The Netherlands won the team gold medal for the first time ever. Their finest rider, Edward Gal, 40, had a tremendous ride. After his performance, spectators jumped to their feet to stomp, shout and clap.

The silver medal was awarded to Great Britain, their first ever team medal at the WEG. Their top rider is Laura Bechtolsheimer, 25, who began riding at age 3. Her horse, Mistral Hojris, is nearly eighteen hands, or 72 inches, tall. Hands are used to measure horses from their shoulders to their hooves. TFK asked her about her big win. "It makes me feel very special and happy," she said. Bechtolsheimer also won the silver medal in the individual and the freestyle events.

The United States placed fourth in the team dressage, following close behind Germany. Steffan Peters, 46, is a star of the U.S. team. He worked with his horse Ravel to pass Germany's team scores, and won bronze medals in the individual and freestyle events.

The games continue until October 10. Check out for more information.

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