Green Movies

These nature-inspired films take you from the rugged African savanna to the lush rain forests of Borneo

April 22, 2011





Born to Be Wild 3D

Documentary, Rated PG

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with Born to be Wild 3D, now playing in IMAX theaters nationwide. The film takes audiences from the rugged savanna in Kenya to the lush rain forest of Borneo, in Indonesia. It's in these two wild places that a pair of extraordinary women have devoted their lives to saving endangered animals.







Animated Feature, Rated G

In the 3-D animated film Rio, audiences meet Blu, a rare Spix's macaw. Blu has lived a very cozy, sheltered life in Moosehead, Minnesota, with his human owner Linda. In fact, his life has been so sheltered that he never had to learn to fly! When Blu discovers there's another Spix's macaw out there—a female named Jewel—he decides to take the ultimate leap and head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to meet her.





African Cats

Documentary, Rated G

Zoologist and nature documentary director Keith Scholey set out to make a real-life version of The Lion King with the Disneynature documentary African Cats. The movie follows the true stories of the families of lions and cheetahs that live along a river in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve. The protected park, established in 1961, is one of the wildest places on Earth.





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