Summer Book Review

The Lemonade Crime

By Jacqueline Davies

May 01, 2011


Genre: Fiction Mystery

Number of pages: 160

What's the basic story line?

The story line is that $208, which was raised through a lemonade sale, was stolen from Evan, a fourth grader. He and his 4th grade sister Jessie believe that their classmate Scott stole the money. Jessie and Evan create their own trial to prove Scott guilty. They get their classmates involved as lawyers, judges, witnesses and jury. They all learn about justice!

Are the characters believable?

Kid Reporter
Tara Lynne Moon

The characters were true to life because the author was honest in her description of their flaws and their strengths.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would your rate this book?

I would rate it a 9 because it was very exciting and well written. The author did a good job explaining each character and each scene. I liked how the author made you feel as though you were actually in the story with the characters.


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