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LEGO Pirates

LEGO teams up with Pirates of the Caribbean for an all-new adventure (Rated E10+)

June 01, 2011

Disney Interactive Studios

Platform: Nintendo Wii/DS/3DS, PlayStation 3/PSP, Xbox 360, Mac/PC

Set sail on an unforgettable voyage with LEGO's latest action adventure video game ($49.99). This time, the famous toy brand is partnering with Disney to bring all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies to life in the quirky and comical LEGO universe.

Players step into the boots of Captain Jack Sparrow and other colorful characters from the hit films as they solve puzzles, hunt for hidden treasure and experience familiar scenes. Remember when Jack and Will duel in the barn in The Curse of the Black Pearl? Or when Jack battles the evil pirate Davy Jones in At World's End? Relive all of these memorable moments and much more.

Two-player co-op mode allows players to join a friend or family member in the game. Hop into or out of the action at any point. But be smart with which characters you choose to use: Each one has a special set of abilities that can potentially unlock new areas. With more than 20 exciting levels to explore, players just may realize that a pirate's life is for them.


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