Monkey Quest

If you like to monkey around, then this game's for you (Rated E)

Jul 01, 2011 | By Vickie An


Platform: Online

If you like to monkey around, then this game's for you. Monkey Quest is a free, adventure-filled virtual world launched by Nickelodeon in April. Visitors to the online universe will be welcomed to the land of Ook, a mysterious kingdom where monkeys rule. The world was designed to mirror a game you would play on a gaming console. But all you need for Monkey Quest is a computer and an Internet connection.

Areas of Ook have been invaded by the evil Ka's creepy shadow creatures. But you and your monkey friends can help rid Ook and its forest trails of the shadowy minions. Before you begin your quest, customize your avatar and give it some personality. You can name your monkey, change the color of its fur and give it some clothes and accessories. Now you're ready to get swinging! Players can work in groups of up to four to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. The more successful you are in your quest, the more abilities and weapons you unlock.

For an enhanced gaming experience, parents can buy subscriptions for $9.95 a month, $24.95 for 3 months, and $79.95 for a year. There is also a pay-as-you-go option for parents who choose not to buy a subscription plan, but still want access to exclusive items. Remember: Always ask your parents for permission before visiting a new website.


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