A Super Show

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on Mighty Med, a new comedy about a secret hospital for superheroes

Oct 11, 2013 | By TFK Kid Reporter Amelia Compton

The cast of Mighty Med poses on the set of the show. (From left to right: Alan played by Devan Leos, Oliver played by Jake Short, Kaz played by Bradley Steven Perry and Skylar played by Paris Berelc.)

Have you ever wished you had super powers? Maybe you’ve imagined you could fly or transport objects with your mind. In Disney XD’s new show Mighty Med, the main characters Kaz (Bradley Steven Perry) and Oliver (Jake Short) have that same dream. And guess what? Their dream actually comes true! Well… sort of.

Kaz and Oliver are two ordinary guys, a.k.a. “normos.” They are also extreme comic book fans. In the series, the two get the opportunity of a lifetime—to work at Mighty Med, a hospital for superheroes!

“This is what we really love,” said Jim Bernstein, one of Mighty Med’s co-creators. “We go through our day-to-day lives and all the while there may be people with powers among us.”

Inside Superhero Hospital

Kaz and Oliver use their comic book knowledge to help save injured superheroes.
Kaz and Oliver use their comic book knowledge to help save injured superheroes.

In Mighty Med, Kaz and Oliver use their extensive knowledge of comic book characters to help doctors save injured superheroes. Other times, the two just act on instinct. For example, Kaz’s favorite superhero, Tecton, gets a stop sign thrust through his chest. Kaz, in an attempt to save his hero, pulls it out. You’ll have to watch the show to find out if that was a good idea!

“Kaz is the type of guy who acts before he thinks,” Bradley told TFK. “Oliver is the brake and Kaz is the gas.”

One of the show’s superheroes, Skylar Storm, befriends Kaz and Oliver. She has lost her powers and is trying to cope with being a “normo.”

 “She feels vulnerable,” said Paris Berelc, who plays Skylar. “But she realizes she doesn’t need powers to be cool.”

Alan, the meddling nephew of the chief of staff at Mighty Med, dislikes Kaz and Oliver and does everything he can to make them look bad. In reality, Alan wants to impress his uncle and feels threatened by Kaz and Oliver.

“He’s always trying to foil the boys’ plans and come up with his own crazy ideas,” explains Devan Leos, who plays Alan. “It’s definitely a fun character to play.”

The Hero in You

The best part about Mighty Med is its originality. The creators dreamed up all the superheroes appearing on the show. So don’t expect to see Spiderman or Superman. Instead, viewers will get to know never-before-seen characters.

Not a comic book fan? Don’t let that stop you from watching. The plot may be based on fantasy, but the show also portrays a realistic friendship and provides lots of laughs. Andy Schwartz, one of the co-creators, even thinks the show may help kids find their inner hero.

“We want kids to see a little bit of themselves in Kaz and Oliver,” Schwartz told TFK. “They are regular kids who have a great passion for comic books and superheroes. Their knowledge makes them heroic. So whatever you do as a kid, whether it’s music or sports or being a kid reporter, can actually make you a hero in some way. We think it’s pretty aspirational for kids.”

Catch this super show on Mondays on Disney XD.