Lemonade Mouth

TFK gets the scoop from the cast of the new Disney Channel original movie, premiering tonight

April 15, 2011

The cast of the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth (from left): Naomi Scott, Adam Hicks, Bridgit Mendler, Kayley Kiyoko and Blake Michaels.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Disney Channel's newest original movie, Lemonade Mouth, follows fellow students Stella, Olivia, Wen, Mo and Charlie as they navigate through the challenges of high school and home life. When all five are thrown in detention, it seems like their problems are just getting worse. Not so, as it turns out. Detention is actually the best thing to have happened to them!

Why? For starters, they realize they have something in common: a love of making music. With encouragement from their music teacher Miss Reznick, the quintet soon form a band and sign up for the Rising Star talent competition. The winner of the singing contest automatically gets a record deal.

But the ragtag group will have to battle the most popular rock band in school, Mudslide Crush, for the Rising Star title. Can this band of misfits win over the audience and take the top prize? Find out when Lemonade Mouth, based on the popular book by Mark Peter Hughes, premieres tonight.

Behind the Music

Recently, TFK sat down with all five cast members in New York City to chat about the making of the movie. Disney Channel fans will recognize many faces in Lemonade Mouth. It stars Good Luck Charlie's Bridgit Mendler as reserved lead singer Olivia; Wizards of Waverly Place's Hayley Kiyoko as fierce guitarist Stella; and Zeke & Luther's Adam Hicks as laid-back keyboardist Wen.

The movie also introduces viewers to a few new faces. British actress Naomi Scott, of Disney Channel UK's Life Bites, stars as sheltered bass guitarist Mo; and Disney Channel newcomer Blake Michaels plays shy drummer Charlie.

Like their characters, the actors share a passion for music. In fact, Hicks cowrote three songs on the movie's soundtrack: "Breakthrough," "High Wire" (a bonus track) and "Determinate." The latter features a speedy rap written and performed by Hicks onscreen. People are shocked when they see him rap for the first time, he tells TFK. "I have red hair and freckles," Hicks says. "It's the polar opposite of what you'd expect. I love that element of surprise."

Banding Together

As the unlikely group becomes closer friends and bandmates in the movie, they also learn the value of sticking up for each other and for what's right. It's a message that definitely shines through in much of the music. "'More than a Band' was one of my favorites," says Michaels. "It's about embracing your friends, and how, if you stand up for them, they'll stand up for you."

As for Kiyoko, "Somebody" is the song that speaks to her. The song is about taking hold of your own future and destiny. "It just has a great message and a great melody," Kiyoko says. "That's the song I listen to when I'm on the airplane. I'm sitting there silently, listening to our own music!"

As for the possibility of going on a Lemonade Mouth tour, the cast is all for it. "This was the first time I've ever performed in front of an audience like this," Mendler says, of filming the performance scenes. "Doing all those moves up on stage was a blast. I'm hooked on it now."

Of course, Disney's decision to take the cast of Lemonade Mouth on the road all depends on how well the movie does with audiences tonight. "You guys need to get on it! Sign a petition!" Scott says, with a laugh. "No, I'm joking. But a tour would be fun. It would be awesome."


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