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Let’s Talk Turkey

TIME For Kids gets the scoop on the new animated film Free Birds

November 01, 2013

TFK Kid Reporter Gloria Choi (second from right) meets with Free Birds voice actors Woody Harrelson (voice of "Jake"), Owen Wilson (voice of "Reggie"), and Amy Poehler (voice of "Jenny") at a press event in Los Angeles.

This Thanksgiving, keep the trimmings, and free the turkeys! That’s the message of the new animated film Free Birds. Turkeys Reggie and Jake (voiced by Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson) travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Their mission: remove turkey from the menu.

Reggie (voiced by Wilson) and Jenny (voiced by Poehler) bond in a scene from Free Birds.
Reggie (voiced by Wilson) and Jenny (voiced by Poehler) bond in a scene from Free Birds.

Why should you see Free Birds when it hits theaters on November 1?  “You’ll be grounded if you don’t,” jokes Amy Poehler. She voices Jenny, a tough turkey from Pilgrim times who joins the cause to free turkeys from Thanksgiving’s main course.

Turkey Showdown

In the story, Reggie enjoys a luxurious lifestyle filled with cable television and unlimited pizza. How did he get so lucky? A visit from the President of the United States lands Reggie the honor of becoming a pardoned turkey. That means he is saved from becoming anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“Reggie is a selfish turkey,” says Wilson of his character. “He thinks a lot about himself and doesn’t really fit in with his flock.”

Kid Reporter
Gloria Choi

Then Jake shows up and enlists Reggie in his mission to save turkeys. They hijack a time machine and use it to travel to the year 1621. When they arrive at Plymouth Rock, Jake and Reggie meet a flock of wild turkeys, their leader Chief Broadbeak, and his beautiful daughter Jenny.

“Jenny is strong-willed and a natural leader,” says Poehler. She leads Jake and Reggie to the place where the flock is hiding out from the Pilgrims.

Inspired by Jenny’s courageousness, Reggie plans to attack the Pilgrims’ weapon supply. Unfortunately, the plan leads to the destruction of the flock’s hiding place. Reggie fears his presence in 1621 will only cause more trouble, so he returns to present time and his life of luxury. Will Reggie abandon the mission for good?

Feathered Friends      

Free Birds is a buddy movie, a love story and an action-adventure film rolled into one. This trip back in time is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish. But it’s not all fun and silliness. The movie also teaches the value of companionship and loyalty.

“There are great relationships that develop in this movie,” Harrelson told TFK. “Jake and Reggie come together to accomplish this mission. Then there is a wonderful love story between Reggie and Jenny. It’s really interesting to watch this magnificent story unfold.”

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