Take a Veteran To School Day


September 15, 2011


Dear Teacher,

To help show our veterans how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice, The HISTORY® Channel  has developed Take a Veteran to School Day. This topical, non-partisan initiative will..


• Connect veterans of all ages with students across the country

• Lead to a better understanding of history

• Reinforce bonds between veterans and everyday citizens in communities

To help make the most of the day, teachers of grades 4 through 7 will discover downloadable guides below, one for educators and the other for students. Teachers of grades K-3 and 8-12 can find valuable, age-appropriate resources at

Please print out these resources and visit to learn how you can locate a veteran to invite to your school.  At this site sponsored by HISTORY, you’ll also find ideas for hosting an exciting, educational Take a Veteran to School Day for your classroom.


 Click here for Student Resources.

Click here for Teacher Resources.

Click here for more information on Take A Vet to School Day.



The Editors of TIME For Kids


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