2013 Holiday Video Game Guide

Skylanders Swap Force

Game tested on Nintendo Wii; also available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS (Rated E10+)

December 06, 2013


In Skylanders Swap Force, players travel around a massive universe, swapping Skylanders to defeat enemies in various quests. New quests are given to players as they discover new worlds and upgrade their character. Certain worlds are exclusive to certain character types. The game is playable with up to two players. With more than 55 Skylanders and 250 new combinations, this game will get your creative juices flowing!

What will kids like about this game?

This game makes you think about good combinations and is more creative than the earlier Skylanders game. Plus, you are able to battle with characters in a nonviolent way.

Kid Reporter
Max Siegel

What tips would you give other players?

Look around in every possible space—you could stumble upon a new challenge even within a quest. Also, try to give each character equal playing time because when one character levels up, the other characters do not. This could make one of your characters much stronger than your other characters.

You don’t have to buy every character to have a good experience in the game. For most players, the basic starter pack lets you do almost everything. Finally, don’t worry about traveling into every world. The game is still great with some restrictions!

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