2014 Winter Book Reviews

The Great Trouble

By Deborah Hopkinson

December 20, 2013

Genre: Historical fiction

Number of pages: 256

What’s the basic story line?

In the cold and dirty waters of the River Thames, a young boy named Eel spends his days as a “mudlark,” fishing for small things in the filthy river to sell for money. He also works part-time as a street sweeper and does odd jobs at night, hoping to protect his little brother from a difficult life on the streets of London. Eel’s life becomes even more complicated when a cholera epidemic hits Broad Street. Now Eel and his pal Florrie must help their friend Dr. Snow prove the cause of the spreading disease before the neighborhood is decimated.

Kid Reporter
Gloria Choi

Are the characters believable?

Yes, because the author, Deborah Hopkinson, vividly depicts all the characters in this novel by using believable descriptions of their actions and of the setting.

Who would like this book?

The Great Trouble is for people who love suspense, drama, and mystery, and for those who enjoy reading about history and science.


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