Meet TFK's Antarctica Reporter

Read a bio about David Bjerklie, a science writer traveling to the icy continent for TIME For Kids

January 06, 2014

TFK's science writer David Bjerklie is going on a big adventure to learn about life in Antarctica.

David Bjerklie grew up in North Dakota and studied biology and anthropology in college. As a laboratory and field research assistant, he studied spotted sandpipers on a small island in a large lake in Minnesota. He has written on a wide range of science, medicine, technology, and environment topics for TIME Inc. since 1984, as a science reporter at TIME magazine, a writer at TIME books, and writer and editor at TIME FOR KIDS. He is also the author of award-winning children’s books on butterflies and environmental justice. Some of his recent stories for TFK have been on jellyfish, chemistry, and the mathematics of juggling. He has also written chapters in recent TIME books on space science, robots, genius, and psychology.

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