How You Can Help East Africa

Aid organizations are already set up to deliver help to the people who most need it in East Africa and other hard-hit areas. Even a small amount of money can go a long way.

October 13, 2011

Women and children line up to receive cooked food distributed by the World Food Programme at a feeding center in Mogadishu, Somalia, on August 20, 2011.

Many groups are working to save lives. Here are just a few of the top relief agencies that are working to help people in Somalia and other countries in East Africa.

• The International Committee of the Red Cross was started in 1863. Since then, the organization has helped people in need around the world. Go to

• Mercy Corps is providing aid to families in East Africa. They say that almost 90% of money raised goes directly to help people. Go to

• Save the Children is an independent relief agency that helps children in the U.S. and around the world. The group says 90% of the money it raises goes directly to help children. Go to

• The World Food Programme (WFP) is providing aid to 1.5 million people in Somalia. It will soon be providing relief to another 2.2 million people in the hard-hit southern area of the country. Go to

• UNICEF is a United Nations relief organization that helps children around the world. UNICEF says 2 million children’s lives are at risk in the Horn of Africa. UNICEF is helping children in the Dadaab camp in Kenya. The camp has a population of 400,000 people. Go to

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