Earth Day 2012

How the World Celebrates

Apr 23, 2012 | By Samantha Grossman for TIME

How did you spend Earth Day? Read on to see how your celebration compares to others across the globe.

Volunteers plant trees at the Rosy Walter Zoo in Honduras.
Rain did not stop people from attending the annual Earth Day celebration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

New York City: Volunteers gathered for a fifth-annual tree-planting event. The event was organized by JetBlue Airways and MillionTreesNYC. Though the group hosts events throughout the year, MillionTreesNYC hoped to plant 100 trees to commemorate Earth Day this weekend.

Washington, D.C.: Earth Day enthusiasts hoping to “mobilize the Earth” headed to the National Mall for a day-long celebration of all things environmental. There were musical acts and a variety of speeches and demonstrations.

Malang, Indonesia: Environmental activists paraded through the streets to commemorate Earth Day, holding up plastic bottles in protest of environmentally unfriendly practices.

Tokyo, Japan: As part of the city’s Earth Day festivities, residents paraded through the streets in protest of nuclear power plants. Participants carried a large wind sock, which symbolizes good health for children.

Manila, Philippines: Workers replaced broken lights on a large bronze globe outside a mall. At night, the illuminated globe will serve as the centerpiece of an Earth Day celebration. Its goal is to bring attention to environmental concerns.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Volunteers participated in an environmental program at the Rosy Walter Zoo in central Honduras. The program was part of a series of initiatives across Central America to commemorate Earth Day.

Volunteers plant trees at the Rosy Walter Zoo in Honduras.
Volunteers plant trees at the Rosy Walter Zoo in Honduras.

Barcelona, Spain: Tourists and residents took part in a series of celebrations of La Mare Terra, which means “Mother Earth.” The main event, the Fira per la Terra, or “the Festival for the Earth,” offered a variety of delicious Spanish meats.

Budapest, Hungary: Each year, residents take part in a Critical Mass cycling event to commemorate Earth Day. The first ride was organized in 2004 on a day called “Car Free Day.” It eventually transformed into an Earth Day tradition. With thousands and thousands of people turning out each year, the Budapest event has broken international records.

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