Election 2012

Meet Joe Biden

Here’s the scoop on the life of the Vice President

August 27, 2012

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is running for a second term in office with President Barack Obama in Election 2012.

Joseph Biden took office as Barack Obama's vice president in 2009. When Obama announced his choice of Biden as his vice-presidential running mate on August 23, 2008, Biden was serving in the U.S. Senate, representing Delaware.

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on November 20, 1942. He graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965, and from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1968. He worked as a lawyer in Delaware for two years before turning his attention to politics.

At age 29, Biden became one of the youngest senators in U.S. history. He began serving in the U.S. Senate in 1972 and became Delaware's longest-serving Senator. As a Senator, Biden fought for causes including providing health care to all children in Delaware and protecting women and children against violence. In addition to his duties in the Senate, Biden also worked as a professor at the Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. He ran for President in 1988 and 2008, but dropped out of the race both times.

Biden and his wife, Jill, have three grown children—Beau, Hunter and Ashley, and five grandchildren.

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