Election 2012

It's Official!

Mitt Romney gets the GOP nomination

August 29, 2012

Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, waves to the crowd at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

On Tuesday, delegates to the Republican National Convention, in Tampa, Florida, formally made Mitt Romney their party’s candidate for President. Romney received 2,061 votes. When he got the necessary number of delegates needed for nomination, the crowd began to cheer, “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt!”

Later in the evening, convention goers listened to several speakers. The top applause-getters were Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, and New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie.

Ann Romney told the crowd, “no one will work harder. No one will care more. No one will move heaven and earth like Mitt Romney to make this country a better place to live.”

Christie brought the delegates to their feet—literally. He asked the crowd to stand up to show their support for Mitt Romney.

Wednesday’s scheduled speakers include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Young Republicans

Virginia delegates Emma Grace Byler, 18, and Evan Draim, 17, are among the youngest delegates at the convention.

Virginia delegates Emma Grace Byler, 18, and Evan Draim, 17, are among the youngest delegates at the convention.

More than 4,000 delegates and alternate delegates from all around the country have gathered in Tampa. One of the delegates is Evan Draim, of Alexandria, Virginia. What makes him special? At 17, Evan is the youngest delegate at the GOP’s big show. Evan turns 18 in September. That means he’ll be old enough to vote in the Presidential election on November 6.

“The delegates represent who [makes up] the Republican Party and what issues matter to voters going into the election,” Evan told TFK from his seat on the convention floor. He is part of a group representing the state of Virginia. “People watching [the convention] at home are looking to the delegates to convey the message of this party and I thought that having a younger delegate here shows that the Republican party is taking into account the issues that matter to student voters.”

One of the issues that matters most to Evan is education. He’s about to start his senior year at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, in Alexandria. Soon, he’ll also start applying to colleges. He wants to make tuition more affordable, and to ensure that more students have access to higher education.

Never Too Early to Get Involved

Also part of the Virginia delegation is 18-year-old Emma Grace Byler. On Monday, Byler began her freshman year at Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, Virginia. After her classes, she traveled to Tampa, arriving late at night but ready to get down to business.

“I think that it’s time for my generation to realize that it’s never to early to start getting involved,” she says. “It’s our turn, and it’s our turn to decide how we want to grow up and how we want our children to grow up.”


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