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September 28, 2012

Johan Ernst Nilson is a member of the Explorers Club. Since 1904, the club has encouraged exploration for members around the world. Members have

included famous first explorers of the world’s poles, highest mountains and deepest oceans, and of outer space. Now the club wants you!

“This is a very important time for us to inspire the next generation of explorers,” says Mark Fowler, who leads the Explorers Club’s efforts to reach out to youth. “Kids today are the people who will be exploring Mars, asteroids and the deep oceans in the future.” Fowler became interested in inspiring young explorers after he led the

Operation Deep Climb expedition for eight teenagers in 2008. Fowler is also the son of Jim Fowler, a famous wildlife expert who hosted a television show and has lectured to thousands of kids about the natural world. “By inspiring the next generation of scientists and explorers, I’m carrying on my family legacy,” Fowler explains.

The Explorers Club will be working with groups such as the Boy and Girl Scouts to help kids get involved in exploration. Join one to get started!

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