Fun with Kinect for Xbox360

Read about some games that will get you moving on Kinect

Dec 06, 2012 | By Cameron Keady and Kelli Plasket


Harry Potter Kinect


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Kinect for Xbox360

Rated E10+

Experience the wizarding world like never before! Harry Potter for Kinect will put you right in the game – literally. Kinect scans players’ faces to create a wizard avatar and uses voice-recognition technology to bring the avatar to life. Players choose their wands, attend Hogwarts, and cast spells on their opponents. ($49.99) –Cameron Keady


Kinect Nat Geo TV and Kinect Sesame Street TV



Kinect for Xbox360

Rated E and EC (Early Childhood)

Wildlife expert and naturalist Casey Anderson hosts America the Wild and Expedition Wild on the Nat Geo Wild channel.  Anderson’s best friend Brutus—a grizzly bear that he rescued as a cub—sometimes joins him on the show. Now, Anderson and Brutus are the stars of a new interactive TV-game, Kinect Nat Geo TV for Xbox 360. Through eight episodes of Nat Geo WILD TV programs combined with the Kinect for Xbox 360 technology, kids are transported into animal habitats to learn more about how the animals live in the wild. Throughout each episode, you can play mini-games that use Kinect’s camera to transform you into a bear protecting her cubs, an owl gathering food and much more!

If you prefer Muppets over wild animals, Microsoft also created Kinect Sesame Street TV, an interactive TV-game  that lets you interact with Big Bird, Grover and other characters from the Street. ($29.99 each, plus $4.99 each for additional episodes) –Kelli Plasket

Click here to read TFK’s Q&A with Casey Anderson.


Top Hand Rodeo Tour



Kinect for Xbox360

Rated E10+

Saddle up! Get a virtual rodeo experience with Top Hand Rodeo Tour, created by D3Publisher with the help of professional cowboys and cowgirls. Choose from rodeo events including bull riding, barrel racing and team roping. Using Kinect sensors, lift your hand and motion like you’re swinging a rope or hanging onto a bull to earn points. Build your skills with mini-games to become a Top Hand Champion! ($39.96, available only at Walmart or –Kelli Plasket