Winter Book Reviews

White Fur Flying

By Patricia MacLachlan

December 18, 2012

Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 128

What’s the basic storyline?

Zoe and Alice’s mother might just have the coolest job ever. She rescues Great Pyrenees dogs! But dogs aren’t the only things that need to be saved. The family’s new neighbor, Phillip, doesn’t speak, and no one—not even the aunt or uncle he lives with—knows why. A sweet and charming story, White Fur Flying is all about understanding that love can come from both inside and out.

Kid Reporter
Amelia Compton

Are the characters believable? Explain.

Zoe, Alice and Phillip are very believable kids and seem like people you would probably meet. Zoe is a sweet girl who cares about her family and friends. She’s ordinary, but she has a hint of something special in her too. She is shy, but she is brave and courageous. She’s someone I’d love to be friends with. Alice, the younger sister, is a lot more talkative than Zoe, and loves to read and write poetry. She’s not afraid to speak out and is very cheery all the time. Phillip is really shy and scared. Underneath that shyness, though, is a heart filled with love.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would you rate this book?  Explain.

I’d give White Fur Flying a 9 rather than a 10 because it was a little sad. I thought the book was a good read though, and I would recommend it. I enjoyed this book, and I think that kids who love animals and a good story will really like it too.


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