Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink

By Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy

Jan 04, 2013 | Reviewed by TFK Kid Reporter Phoebe Weintraub

Genre:  Realistic fiction

Number of Pages:  154

What’s the basic story-line?

Amber Brown’s mom is getting married. Amber is excited, but telling her dad is not so easy. He keeps making snide comments about Amber’s stepdad, Max, and this annoys Amber. Her mom wants a small wedding, but Amber and Max want something huge. Which one will they have? There are ups and downs on the path to the wedding. Will Amber’s mom waltz down the aisle?

Are the characters believable?  Explain.

Yes, they are. Amber is just like any other girl, and her family and friends remind me of my family and friends. Also, Amber has problems that a typical kid might have.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this book?

I would give the book a 9 because the authors did a great job explaining how Amber felt. Sometimes I felt as if I was in the story!