Which Monopoly Piece Will Go?

Hasbro launches a poll to replace an old Monopoly piece with a new one

Jan 11, 2013 | By TIME’s Matt Peckham with additional reporting by Stephanie Kraus


What will it be? Sink the battleship? Boot the boot? Sell the race car? Call it Survivor: Monopoly Edition. The 80-year-old game is losing one of its tokens forever. Soon, one of the eight Monopoly game pieces will be a piece of history.

Hasbro, the company who makes Monopoly, is leaving the future of the game's tokens in players’ hands. The company launched a “Save Your Token” campaign on its website that directs users to a Facebook poll. Until February 5, players can vote for their favorite game piece: race car, iron, wheelbarrow, boot, top hat, thimble, battleship or Scottie dog. The token with the least votes will lose its spot on the board. If you would like to have your voice heard, ask your parents to cast a vote on Facebook.

Passing Go

What will the piece be replaced with? You can vote on that, too. The company is offering never-before-seen tokens up for grabs. The new token with the most votes will become the next gamepiece. The choices for the new piece include: toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar and diamond ring.

USA Today reports Hasbro will ship a limited-run “Golden Token” version of the game for $18 in mid-February, sold exclusively through Target stores. The game will include all of the old tokens plus the five new ones. The new Monopoly game, starring the new token and without the old token, will be available later this summer.

Changing of the Charms
This is not the first time Monopoly has changed its game pieces. Charles Darrow, the game’s inventor, first created Monopoly with four colored wood pawns. Those were changed to metal after Darrow’s niece suggested using metal charms from a charm bracelet. Parker Brothers liked the idea and started selling the game in 1935.

In the early 1950s, the lantern, purse and rocking horse pieces were removed and replaced by Scottie dog, a guy riding a horse and a wheelbarrow. More recently, the cannon and horse tokens were pulled, dropping the piece count from 10 to eight. In all, Hasbro says there have been more than 20 tokens since the game was first introduced.

Which Monopoly token do you think should be voted off the current game board? Don’t leave this one to chance! Cast your vote in the TFK poll below.

The choices for the new Monopoly game piece include: toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar and diamond ring.
New Monopoly game piece choices: toy robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring and cat.