A Voice for Help

Selena Gomez hosts a benefit concert for UNICEF

Jan 28, 2013 | By TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri

TFK Kid Reporter Adriana Palmieri interviews Selena Gomez before the singer's UNICEF benefit concert on January 19, in New York City.

Selena Gomez is back! After taking a year off from singing to work on her acting career, including the making of a new movie, Selena is back in the recording studio.  She kicked off the return of her musical career on January 19 with a benefit concert to support United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), an international charity organization).“There’s no better feeling than being back on stage,” Gomez told TFK. The singer will begin touring again this spring, after the release of her new album in March.

Giving Back

Selena has spent the last three years as an ambassador for UNICEF, which helps kids in 190 countries and territories. “I believe in the organization,” Gomez told TFK. “I’ve been able to witness what they do for kids and how they save kids’ lives all over the world. I think they’re incredible.” UNICEF provides education, healthcare and access to immunizations. Gomez helps create awareness about UNICEF by hosting benefit concerts and events, as well as by visiting some of the countries the foundation supports.

"When I started, 24,000 children would die of preventable causes every day,“ Gomez told TFK. “My goal is to help bring that number down to zero, and to do what I can."  Selena has visited Ghana for UNICEF, and is planning to visit Tanzania this year, a country UNICEF is helping to grow and change. Tanzania would be her fourth trip with UNICEF. 

When TFK asked Gomez about her interests and how she spends her free time, Gomez answered, “I like to sleep!” Selena also has six dogs that keep her busy. “If I didn’t act or sing, I would go to culinary school,” she said.  “I love to eat, I love to cook.” Gomez also still loves to act; next, she’ll star in a Wizards of Waverly Place special for Disney Channel, airing on March 15. When asked about her role model, Gomez named actress Rachel McAdams. “I think she’s beautiful, and she’s a successful actress. I hope to have a career like hers one day.”