Meet the Croods

A prehistoric family discovers a wondrous and scary world outside their cave

March 22, 2013

The Crood family must stick together as they are faced with wild animals, earthquakes and erupting volcanoes.

Sometimes the grass actually is greener on the other side. Or sometimes, it’s even pink. When an earthquake forces the Crood family out of their stone cave, they discover a new and fantastical world filled with vibrant colors and wild adventures.  In this enchanting land, turtles have wings, saber-toothed tigers are as tall as giraffes, and whales roam on land among purple zebras and miniature elephants. For the Croods, this new world is scary. The family of six has never left the safety of their cave, except to hunt for food. Now, the world around them is rapidly changing and they must stick together as a family to combat the unknown.

Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone attend The Croods' Premiere in Berlin, Germany.

Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone attend The Croods' Premiere in Berlin, Germany.

Family Matters

The story is centered around Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, and her father, Grud, voiced by Nicholas Cage. Eep is an adventurous and rebellious young girl, curious about the dangerous world outside her family’s cave. She argues with her father about the freedom to explore. Grud wants to keep his family safe, and places strict rules on each of his children. “Never not be afraid,” he tells them repeatedly throughout the movie. It is Eep’s courage that ultimately leads her family out of their cave.

As the family cautiously begins to explore the spectacular landscape, they encounter another human. Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, has been living on his own for as long as he can remember and knows the land well. He becomes the family’s guide, and shares his inventions and ideas, which include things like fire and shoes. Guy’s only companion is an adorable monkey named Belt who holds up Guy’s pants.  “Belt began in the movie as just a prop,” co-director Chris Sanders told TFK. “As we rolled through the movie, his cute little mannerisms became more important to the story, and he grew to be a lead.” Belt is one of many cute creatures that join the family as they trudge through this unchartered land.

Animal Instincts

Each character has mannerisms that are modeled after a specific animal. Eep is designed to move like a cat. She is spry and able to run very fast. “We wanted it to be believable that Eep and her family could survive in a dangerous and changing world,” says co-director Kirk DeMicco. As the story progresses, the Croods’ new world becomes as dangerous as the one they left behind. The family continues to be faced with earthquakes, volcano eruptions and hungry beasts as they trudge towards a land called Tomorrow. “Our world is ending, “ Guy tells them. “Tomorrow is a place where things are better.” Together, through these challenges and adventures, the Croods grow and become a more unified family.

Full of humor and spectacular animation, The Croods is a heartwarming story of adventure for all to enjoy. “There’s something in the movie for everyone,” says Cage. “Everyone is going to get something out of it.”

The movie, rated PG, opens in theaters today.

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