Spring Game Guide

LEGO City Undercover

Published by Nintendo / For Wii U / Rated E 10+

April 05, 2013


Meet police officer Chase McCain, the star character of Nintendo’s new LEGO City video games. Fans of games like LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO Batman will recognize the company’s signature cheeky humor and fun twists on video game play in LEGO City Undercover, an original LEGO video game story for Nintendo Wii U. Players will meet the cast of characters that inhabit Chase McCain’s universe, including the grumpy police chief and Chase’s loveably goofy assistant, Frank Honey. As Chase, players go undercover in various disguises to complete missions, including building or repairing LEGO models, unlocking secrets and chasing criminals through the sprawling city. The goal? Track down notorious criminal Rex Fury. Players can also spend hours freely exploring the city, building customized LEGO cars and searching for LEGO bricks.

The game uses the Wii U’s GamePad controller in an exciting way, as the second screen becomes your police communicator. With the communicator, you can navigate the city using an interactive map, receive video calls from your team, take pictures and scan an area for hidden bits of information.

LEGO City Undercover Executive Producer Loz Doyle

LEGO City Undercover Executive Producer Loz Doyle

Recently, TFK spoke with LEGO City Undercover executive producer Loz Doyle, who has worked on several LEGO-themed games for Nintendo. He said his team took extra care to make sure all the LEGO models in the game match their real world versions. “Every single LEGO model that you find in the game, you can build in the real world,” he said. The game developers also made sure the story of Chase McCain was one kids would enjoy. “The story is really engaging and written for children. There are some really funny characters, funny lines and lots of jokes and one-liners that we think kids will really like.”

Want more of Chase and his world? LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, a game based on when Chase was a police rookie, will be available April 21 for Nintendo 3DS.



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