Kinect Nat Geo TV: Season 2

Published by Microsoft / For Kinect for Xbox360 / Rated E10+

Apr 05, 2013 | Reviewed by Stephanie Kraus


Reptile expert Brady Barr hosts Dangerous Encounters on the Nat Geo Wild channel.  As the first person to capture and study all 23 species of wild crocodilians, Barr knows his way around a swamp. But, he takes some unexpected turns in Season 2 of the interactive TV game, Kinect Nat Geo TV for Xbox 360. Players will guide Barr through dangerous habitats while they test their own wilderness knowledge. During eight episodes of Nat Geo Wild TV programs, players are transported from their living rooms to oceans, lakes and forests. Kids can play mini-games that use Kinect’s camera to transform themselves into hungry bears, snappy alligators and much more! 

If you prefer Muppets to wild animals, Microsoft also released Kinect Sesame Street TV: Season 2 to let you interact with Big Bird, Grover and other characters from the Street. ($29.99 each, plus $4.99 each for additional episodes) –Stephanie Kraus

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