2013 Summer Book Review


By Vince Vawter

June 17, 2013

Genre: Realistic fiction

Number of pages: 240

What’s the basic story line?

Living with a stutter can be very hard, especially when you have so much to say.

Kid Reporter
Zachary Lewis

Little Man takes on his best friend’s paper route for the summer, but has no idea that it will change his outlook forever. His unexpected adventure leads him to newfound friends, problems, and worries. The paper route even puts his life in danger. The reader follows Little Man as he navigates these events.

Are the characters believable?

The author subtly reveals the different perspectives of the characters in the story. The characters are relatable, and I found myself rooting for them the whole way through.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would you rate this book?

I would rate this book a 6. It tells an interesting story, providing insight into the life of someone in a unique situation.

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