Published by Birgit Stock / For iOS devices in Apple iTunes App Store / Rated 4+ / Available Now

Jul 01, 2013 | Reviewed by Cameron Keady

Hoppetee is a little grasshopper in a big world. He can’t jump as high as his friends and struggles to keep up. One day, however, he comes across a bouncy ball and joins in on the fun. Using this mobile app, the player controls Hoppetee’s leaps and bounds through a series of obstacles and challenges to collect as many musical notes as possible. The notes hover above the game’s landscape, and Hoppetee must bounce and jump to reach them. As players add up notes, they collect special plants and flowers for extra speed and power.  Don’t forget to collect fireflies, too. As the game advances, night falls and Hoppetee will need a guiding light to find his way home.  ($0.99 Apple Store)