December 31, 2012
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Big events happen every year, but 2012 was packed with action. On June 5, sky watchers got a rare view of Venus moving across the sun, seen above. During the event, called the transit of Venus, a little black dot appeared to move slowly across the face of the sun. It won't happen again for 105 years!


This year also saw the world's top athletes come together to compete in the Summer Olympics, in London, England. Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. in October. Cleanup and rebuilding efforts continue to this day. In November, after an exciting election season, U.S. voters elected President Barack Obama for a second term. It was a year with unforgettable highs, crushing lows and the everyday events that happen in between. As we look ahead to a new year, click through this slide show for a look back at a few of the most moving and memorable moments of 2012.

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