March 25, 2013
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Cleaning My Room


By Shannon Lipp, 9

Grand-Prize Winner



Cleaning my room is really fun

Like going to the desert for a very long run

Or climbing the trees that are full of bees

Oh, cleaning my room is fun


Cleaning my room is really great

Just like the rotten egg I ate

Or bumping my head on the edge of my bed

Oh, cleaning my room is so great


Cleaning my room is such a joy

Just like breaking my favorite toy

Or sliding in dirt in my pretty white skirt

Oh, cleaning my room is a joy


Cleaning my room is very fun

Like pulling weeds in the blazing hot sun

But the only part that I think is fun

Is when my mom peeks in and says that I’m done


More than 1,200 kids entered this year’s TIME For Kids Poetry Contest. Poet Kenn Nesbitt chose the winners. Click through this slide show for more winning rhymes.

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