July 20, 2012
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Alex Morgan, 23, Soccer

Country: United States


Breakout soccer star Alex Morgan came off the bench during the 2011 Women’s World Cup to become a top goal scorer for Team U.S.A. She was one of two U.S. players to score in both the World Cup semifinal and championship game. Her team ultimately lost the Cup to Japan on penalty kicks. The speedy striker became a full-time starter for the U.S. earlier this year, and her game has only improved. In 2012, Morgan has scored 17 goals in 15 games. She has been eating healthier and more closely analyzing her game to prepare for her Olympic debut this summer. “I want to make a bigger impact on this team’s success,” Morgan told TIME. At the London Games, the U.S. women’s team will be defending their two-time Olympic gold winning streak from the 2004 and 2008 Games.

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