April 28, 2014

About ARZU

ARZU is an organization that creates jobs for women in Afghanistan. Earning money allows the women to help themselves and their families. The Afghan women work by weaving carpets and/or making bracelets. ARZU sells the products around the world to help pay for workers' salaries, and for its programs. It helps workers get the medical care they need, and provides them with adult education classes.  ARZU workers agree to send their children under age 15 to school. The organization has opened three preschools in Afghanistan where workers' young children learn, play, and enjoy meals. Famous architects and designers, such as Frank Gehry, have teamed up with ARZU to support Afghan women.

Watch this video to learn more about ARZU.

(ARZU videos created by Patrick Creadon of Creadon Productions and Elissa Bogos)

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