September 30, 2011

A Chat with Debby Ryan


Suite Life On Deck star Debby Ryan is bidding farewell to the high seas and heading to dry land. The 18-year-old actress stars in the new Disney Channel series Jessie, about a small-town Texas girl who moves to bustling New York City. To make ends meet, Jessie takes a job as a nanny to the four unruly Ross children: bubbly Emma, cultured Ravi, mischievous Luke and imaginative Zuri. Along with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross, the energetic siblings take Jessie on a ride she won’t soon forget! TFK sat down with Ryan at ABC Studios, in New York City, recently. Watch the video to see what she says about her new adventures in babysitting, and about leaving the Suite Life behind. (Reporting by Vickie An/Videography & Editing by Kelli Plasket)

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