January 27, 2012

Cooking with Chef Jack

Chef Jack Witherspoon, 11, is stirring up the culinary world with his new cookbook, Twist It Up (available now from Chronicle Books). He hopes to inspire young cooks to add their own spin to classic recipes. Jack discovered his passion for cooking at age 6, while in the hospital receiving treatment for leukemia, a form of cancer. Bored with watching cartoons, Jack flipped to the Food Network. Soon, he was trying his own recipes at home in California. "I fell in love with cooking," Jack told TFK. "It helped me keep my mind off everything." Now cancer-free, he uses his skills to raise money for cancer research. A portion of the cookbook sales will go toward the cause. Watch the video above to see Jack make baked ziti, one of more than 60 delicious recipes from his cookbook. (Video courtesy Chronicle Books/

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