July 26, 2012

Dancing Duo


The Step Up crew is back and giving a whole new meaning to flash mobs.


In the fourth film of the series, Step Up Revolution, the streets of Miami, Florida, are buzzing with the energy of an edgy dance crew called “The Mob”. Emily, played by Kathryn McCormick, meets the group after moving to Miami with her father, a wealthy businessman, played by Peter Gallagher. Emily dreams of becoming a professional dancer, until she meets and falls in love with The Mob’s leader, Sean, played by Ryan Guzman. Lives are turned upside down when Emily’s father threatens to destroy homes and businesses in order to make room for his new resort. Emily, Sean and The Mob decide to use their performance art to take a stand for their neighborhood.


TFK recently sat down with McCormick and Guzman to chat about their debut roles in the new film. Watch our video interview with them, above. (Reporting and Videography by Vickie An /Editing by Stephanie Kraus)


Step Up Revolution is rated PG-13 for suggestive dancing and language. The movie opens in theaters July 27. Also starring Misha Gabriel as Eddy, Peter Gallagher as Mr. Anderson, Adam G. Sevani as Moose and Stephen "tWitch" Boss as Jason.

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