October 04, 2011

Jerry Rice Talks Football


Jerry Rice is ready for some football! But it's not the kind you may think. The NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver has a new video game out for Nintendo Wii: Jerry Rice and Nitus' Dog Football (Rated E for Everyone). In this game, the dogs—including Rice's own rottweiler Nitus—go paw-to-paw as the players on the field. Do you and your pet pooch have what it takes to win the coveted Golden Hydrant trophy?


TFK caught up with the retired NFL legend recently in New York City. He gave us the scoop on his new game, his job as an ESPN analyst, which players football fans should watch this season, and more. Watch the video above to see what he says. (Reporting by Vickie An / Videography by Kelli Plasket / Editing by Stephanie Kraus)






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